Month: March 2016

Craft Idea For Little Ones

Browsing Facebook today in an attempt to keep up with the latest happenings.
I found this fantastic recipe for home made Moon Sand. Hopefully we’ll be making it in the next few weeks.


We have lots of crafting ideas up our sleeves,but having to wait until the glorious British weather gets nicer. Most of our activities take place in our garden (to keep my beloved furniture from getting really messy!).

I’ll post more soon!

x N x


The Midwife

I hate the midwife visits. They make me take the baby’s clothes off to weigh him when I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes struggling with the fiddly buttons! I’m told to rest but keep active. They want to know if I’ve pooed and can I wee as usual :/ unless I’ve had a sex change then yeah I’d say it’s the usual way…
The one today tried to scare me with talk of blood clots,puffy ankles and death. She was a delight!

Actually she really was lovely.  Just reeling off a load of questions from her list. It’s very intrusive having a baby. Postpartum is full of questions about wee,poo,mucus,blood loss and feelings. Fun!

Also, happy Easter to all. 🐣🐤🐥
Enjoy your day.

x N x

Breast Is Best?

Dear Jamie Oliver,
I am more than just a pair of breasts to feed my newborn baby with. I’m so much more to my son than just breakfast,lunch,dinner and in between snacks. I’m his mother.
I know breastfeeding is how nature intended me to feed my baby but sometimes nature can be cruel. It’s hard work feeding a baby who is very hungry. It’s physically tiring. The first night of his life I was awake almost constantly and trying to keep up with his demand to feed. I was scared I’d fall asleep holding him and smother him,or perhaps drop him.
It’s emotional too. I dread each time he cries for a feed because of the feeling I get when he’s latched on. I love him so much but I wish he’d just stop demanding so many feeds. I feel like crying when I’m feeding him. Sometimes I do cry. It’s lonely too. I’m the only one who can provide this milk. I’m pretty sure he’s not getting enough either. It’s not the lack of support that’s the problem.  It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t see the health benefits.
It’s all of the above,and then some.
So perhaps instead of leading yet another campaign to change how people do things,maybe you should just support your pregnant wife. Tell her how you feel about breastfeeding. But don’t tell millions of other women what is best for their babies.  We know! And we’re choosing exactly that. Which is why I now have decided to bottle feed my son. Because an emotional wreck of a mother is no good to him.

x N x

Settling In

4 days in to having a new baby and it’s going well. No meltdowns as yet. No energy either!

I was reminiscing about when I had just the one baby to look after,how I thought it was boring yet the hardest thing ever. Now here I am at home with the Mister and cuddling my 8th baby. It feels much longer than 15 years has passed between first and eighth!
Now we are planning our next step which is our wedding.

x N x

I’m A Little Bit Tired

6am wake up call. 8.58am birth announcement.

Baby is here! He’s perfect. He’s amazing. He’s made me feel that my heart has expanded to the perfect amount.
The Mister played midwife today. Home birth was the right option for us.

I’m off to sleep. By sleep I mean stare at my beautiful new son!

x N x

Women Unite!

Ok,so it has been said before. It’s been blogged about plenty of times. It’s something lots of women write about on social media.

Mums against mums. Women against women. Why do it? Why not just live and let live? I honestly do not understand why women feel the need to tell other women how they are in the wrong. Surely it’s just a case if each to their own. Right?
My parenting style will no doubt vary to someone reading this. It’s impossible to be the same as every other mum! I allow the odd takeaway when I’m too tired cook. Some days I just think “fuck it,the laundry basket can wait!”. My house isn’t as clean as some people’s.  My children do play outside without socks and shoes a lot of the time.
I swear. I get angry.
Does this make me any less of a person?
And why is it usually women who do this? Men seem so much more laid back than us girls. They don’t appear to try and outdo each other in the parenting stakes. They don’t criticise each other for swearing,getting a bit fed up,for the clothes they wear…
Isn’t it about time women started looking at each other and seeing that we are in the same boat?

Today I was criticised for something I said about breastfeeding (I don’t care how you choose to feed your baby. That’s your business not mine. Just don’t shove your opinion down my throat and try to make me feel bad for my choices) by other women. Apparently we aren’t allowed to get along at the same time as having differing opinions!  I just don’t understand why. We should understand each other. Telling another woman to not wear something because YOU think it’s trashy is pointless.  She likes it,let her feel good and Wear it! Don’t tut at the mum who’s toddler is having a tantrum, especially if you have been there yourself!
Stand tall with your fellow women :mrgreen:

X N x