Breast Is Best?

Dear Jamie Oliver,
I am more than just a pair of breasts to feed my newborn baby with. I’m so much more to my son than just breakfast,lunch,dinner and in between snacks. I’m his mother.
I know breastfeeding is how nature intended me to feed my baby but sometimes nature can be cruel. It’s hard work feeding a baby who is very hungry. It’s physically tiring. The first night of his life I was awake almost constantly and trying to keep up with his demand to feed. I was scared I’d fall asleep holding him and smother him,or perhaps drop him.
It’s emotional too. I dread each time he cries for a feed because of the feeling I get when he’s latched on. I love him so much but I wish he’d just stop demanding so many feeds. I feel like crying when I’m feeding him. Sometimes I do cry. It’s lonely too. I’m the only one who can provide this milk. I’m pretty sure he’s not getting enough either. It’s not the lack of support that’s the problem.  It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t see the health benefits.
It’s all of the above,and then some.
So perhaps instead of leading yet another campaign to change how people do things,maybe you should just support your pregnant wife. Tell her how you feel about breastfeeding. But don’t tell millions of other women what is best for their babies.  We know! And we’re choosing exactly that. Which is why I now have decided to bottle feed my son. Because an emotional wreck of a mother is no good to him.

x N x


2 thoughts on “Breast Is Best?

  1. No mother needs to feel guilty for the choices they make for their children. We do what we need to do to meet everyone’s needs and that is OK. I’m glad you have confidence in your choice and I’m sure your relationship with your baby will be better for it. My choices are mine, yours belong to you. Good luck and well done x

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