The Midwife

I hate the midwife visits. They make me take the baby’s clothes off to weigh him when I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes struggling with the fiddly buttons! I’m told to rest but keep active. They want to know if I’ve pooed and can I wee as usual :/ unless I’ve had a sex change then yeah I’d say it’s the usual way…
The one today tried to scare me with talk of blood clots,puffy ankles and death. She was a delight!

Actually she really was lovely.  Just reeling off a load of questions from her list. It’s very intrusive having a baby. Postpartum is full of questions about wee,poo,mucus,blood loss and feelings. Fun!

Also, happy Easter to all. 🐣🐤🐥
Enjoy your day.

x N x


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