Month: April 2016

We Can’t Love Every Moment


It’s more than ok! Babies are hard work. They are demanding and deprive you of many of the things you used to do so freely. It doesn’t mean we don’t love them. It means we’re only human!

Jack is 5 weeks old. At 3 weeks I thought I was going to suffocate. It was an endless loop of constant feeding,nappy changes,clothes washing and crying. The Mister was back at work after just one week. I was alone with 6 children.
I sat on my garden doorstep and cried. I really let go and just cried. Jack was screaming for yet another feed and I was drowning in questions from the kids,an overflowing laundry basket, the need to cook dinner and feeling incredibly tired. Crying was all I had left. I said things that I didn’t mean and I’m not proud of, but at the time I just wanted to make it all dissappear.
Some days I do feel like I wish I could fast forward time. I want him to sleep through the night. I want to get in the bath whenever I choose,not only when the Mister is home to take over.
I love being his mum! He’s amazing and beautiful. I love cuddling him and watching him snooze. But not all of the time. Sometimes it does feel as though I’m living in groundhog day.

It’s OK to not enjoy every single thing your baby does. It’s OK to admit that it’s hard going. Every single parent on the planet will have felt like this at some point. Don’t pretend it’s OK if it’s not. Shrug off any judgments from others. Unless they live in your shoes they can’t comment.

x N x


Parent Bashing

I hate it! Why do other parents feel the need to destroy another mum or dad with their unwanted opinion?

I replied to a lady(she was anything but a lady,I’m sorry), on the parenting page Netmums, today. It was about keeping laundry gel tablets away from children. She was quite rude and spoke about other parents being “on their high horse” and that because the majority of us choose to educate our children on the dangers of chemicals, and we lock our cupboards with child locks,we are indeed the ones who are doing the bashing.

So,I replied…


It seems Judith is indeed herself a parent basher! Now had Judith known me she would know that I am part of a couple. My partner works very hard, long hours to provide us with our beautiful home. He works extra hard so I can stay home and concentrate on raising the family and keeping the house nice. We pay our taxes the same as any other working family.
Judith is a very judgemental person. Something which she really doesn’t like… Apparently.

So,please,before you speak to pass judgement on another parent stop and think about what you are saying.

And,Judith,I do indeed own a Kindle. I find it a great source of educational material to help my children learn about the world.

x N x

I’m That Mum!

I’m the mum who gives her kids a sweetie to shut them up.  I am the mum who says “No you cannot have a biscuit “,then 20 minutes later is dishing out custard creams just so she can pee in peace!
Yeah! I’m that mum! There are other mums out there who hate mums like me. They will say how biscuits aren’t nutritious, that sweeties should not be given as bribes. Well I say they should come live in my house for a few days 😝
We eat chicken nuggets(not home made) and curly fries. We’ll order a pizza when we’re feeling especially lazy. Sometimes it’s easier to just open the garden door and leave them to their own devices.

If you want to eat organic only then that’s great. If you are a raw vegan family then that too is great.
We’re not.
We eat bacon. We order pizza. We bribe the kids with sweeties. 

We do this in moderation. We don’t ask that you judge us. We don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone. And nor should you :mrgreen:

x N x

Sexy Time After Birth!

I’m no prude, but I’ve seen a lot of comments lately from mums about sex after having a baby. Like a few weeks after having a baby!
How on earth do you ladies find time?! Not to mention all the gross things that go with postpartum! My boy is 4 weeks old tomorrow and the boobs are still leaky,the tiredness is unreal,the saggy belly is definitely not shifting any time soon. And don’t even get me started on down there! The most I’ve managed with the Mister is a cuddle in bed when everyone has gone to sleep (finally!) for the night. Even then I was very aware of my belly flopping to one side as I laid down!

To the couples already having sex after the appearance of a small person I salute you! You’re bloody brave!

x N x

Send Chocolate!

So,I’m stuck underneath a sleeping baby. Every parent knows the dilemma… Do I leave him and forget that I badly need to pee and get something to eat? Or do I move him and risk waking him up?



x N x

My Boy’s Placenta (pictures)

Today I buried the placenta in our back garden. It was an eerily quiet moment. Just as I was patting the soil down I could hear thunder rumble in the distance,making it even more of a magical moment.
I say magical because of the emotions I felt as I tipped the placenta out of the tub and into the ground. I felt calm,content and kind of sad to say goodbye. This wonderful organ had given my baby his nourishment during his 41 week stay in my belly. It was once a source of everything my boy needed.
I’m glad I chose to bury it in the garden. We’ve marked it’s spot with little trinkets. Later on we will place some plants down over it.
Today he turned 3 weeks old. The sun has been shining all day. It was a peaceful day. Today was perfect for letting it go.



Parent And Baby Group

I’m in two minds about going to one. The last time I went to a baby stay-and-play group I was outnumbered by younger mums.
Nothing against the younger mummy,I used to be one! I just don’t think I can bare to sit in a room with girls in their early 20s and be seen as the matriarch of the group! Ok so I’m 33 which isn’t exactly old, but I also know I have very little in common with a 20 year old. Unless of course they too spend their days seeing to laundry,housework,paying the bills,checking the calendar,listening to 80s music(The Mister keeps playing things through Spotify!), complaining about various aches and pains,doing the gardening and counting the hours until they can pour a glass of something alcohol based…

x N x