Month: June 2016

It’s A Sad Day

I woke up this morning to a Facebook news feed full of disbelief and shock.  People in the UK were given the chance to vote on if we should remain a part of the EU, or if they wanted us to leave.

And I’m just sat here like “wow…” at episode 12 of Orange Is The New Black! I did not see that coming! 
Episode 13 is going to be a tough one to watch.

x N x



I turn 34 next month. The day before my birthday hurricane Alfie will turn 3.
So smarty pants here is organising a joint party! I fear it will be manic.  Lots of children and adults descending upon my house. And cake! So much cake. And mess.
Oh, the mess…

Not to mention my hen party is also happening the same evening.  Which just so happens to be on my actual birthday. So,two birthdays one party and one hen do!

I got this!

x N x

Stop Telling Me How To Look After My Children! !

So this isn’t actually about me. It’s about every parent who gets hassled for the way they look after their kids. 
A friend just posted on Facebook how she’s not allowing her children  (under the age of 10) to watch a PG13 film. Good on her! That’s her decision and she knows  her children well enough to know what types of film they can and cannot handle. Yet someone has felt the need to tell her she’s being silly. Why? Why do other parents wade in and think they can decide what is or isn’t good for her children? 
I’ve heard plenty of ‘advice’ over the years on how to raise my brood. Some of it does get me upset or annoyed, but mostly you just gotta put your hand up and say “No!” to these do gooders! 

Don’t let anyone tell you how to raise your family.  You know them better than anyone else ever could! Keep on keeping on 🙂

x N x


Trying to lose a few extra pounds (ok, roughly a stone!)of baby weight is hard. I love food. I especially love Italian food. I drink occasionally too. This is not helping my weight loss!
So I’ve turned vegetarian. I thought cutting out meat, eating mostly fresh food and cutting down on bread and dairy would help. And not consuming enough alcohol to drown a small (large)dog.

One week in and I’m missing chicken as if my life depended on it! But I’m sticking to this new diet. The thought of not getting my wedding dress to do up properly is what spurs me on. The craving for bacon hasn’t reared it’s ugly head yet, and I’m not too bothered about cutting down on alcohol. The hardest part has been exercising… as in I don’t really do any!

Only 8 weeks until the big day. Which means only 6 weeks to really make a difference 😦

x N x

Bad Ideas!

Just lately the weather has been not so great. Today, however, is fab! So I decided to be a fun mum and get the craft items out, make play dough and set up a painting table in the garden.
“It’ll be fun!”, I thought to myself.


The garden has become an art exhibit. There’s paint spattered over the floor. The play dough has crumbled up and been spread over the grass. We have a cornflour and water concoction over the bench. The kids are covered in mess! And it’s me who will have to tidy it away and clean up. Whoops!

x N x