Month: July 2016

Wedding Transport Drama!

Never ask a man to sort transport, for the kids, for your wedding!  6 sleeps to go and he’s only just arranged it. If it wasn’t for the bottle of wine I’ve been sipping on I think I would have had a breakdown this evening!

And they say kids are hard work!  😛

x N x


It’s The Final Countdown

1 week and 5 days until I get married. Excited and nervous! I had my final dress fitting on Saturday, and it’s looking good. And more importantly it fits!
After having Jack I was worried about not being able to fit into my dress. I had picked the dress I loved. I had found the cutest shoes. And then I discovered I was pregnant, just days after booking everything.
The pregnancy was hard, I felt tired nearly the entire time and the weight gain was more than I’d expected.  But hard work and determination has paid off!

In 1 week and 5 days I’ll be seeing all of my hard work in action. The preparations, the stressing over food and drinks, the cake design…
The nerves have kicked in and I find myself slightly panicking over the little things. I have to keep telling myself that it’s ok, I’ll be fine. The Mister isn’t nervous at all it would appear. He’s taking it all in his stride. Lucky him!

x N x

To My Children

In a few week’s time my name will change.  I’ll no longer be Ms.J but Mrs.C. You’ll remain J. It’s your father’s name, and you get to carry that on.
It doesn’t mean I want to be different to you. It doesn’t mean I’m denying your father played a very important role in my life. It means I’m in love with a man whose name I wish to carry around with me. One day you, my girls, might also change your names. Maybe once, maybe twice.
Changing your name is an emotional experience.  I honestly didn’t think I’d feel like this,but I do. But this is a good change 🙂

You’ll always have your daddy,with the added benefit of a step daddy too.

x N x 


It’s a thing. It’s definitely a thing.

Alfie is trying to take his top off. I ask if he wants me to help.

“No mummy!  NOOOOO!  NO. NO. I do it!”

“Alfie you’re stuck. Let me help.”

*Screams and cries from Alfie*.

At this point I’m sure the neighbours will think I’m exorcising his demons.

So I let him get on with it. It’s the safer of my options.

The threenager most certainly exists.

x N x

Updating The House

I seem to do this every few months. I’ll have a massive declutter and then realise the house could do with a freshen up.  This usually involves paint.
Paint is bad. I have no time to actually paint. So I end up with several cans of paint in the shed just waiting for someone to use them.

Same applies to books. I love books. I have very little time to read, so I have a big pile of books that haven’t even been started.

I will get round to doing these things.

I will.

x N x

What’s So Bad About Gingham? !

I was reading an article on a parenting page recently about being a bit twee. A woman had confessed that she actually quite liked the 1950s housewife role she’d adopted. Making meals for hubby, being good at sewing, cleaning the house. The backlash was quite saddening really. All because this lady enjoyed being more of your stereotypical housewife she was told she was “letting the side down”. Which side is that?!  Some women actually do enjoy cooking for their husband.  Some women do like to keep house whilst hubby earns the money. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I am not ashamed to say I stay home and the Mister goes to work. I cook. I clean. I buy pretty things to make us a pretty home.

Leave us lovers of pretty things alone!  Concentrate on your own lives.

x N 

Hen Do! Hen Don’t!

So, I had my hen night on Saturday which was also my birthday.  I don’t tend to drink much when I’m home, maybe a few glasses of wine every now and then or a bottle of beer.  So for my hen night I got very drunk!
I don’t remember getting through my front door.  I don’t remember taking my shoes and clothes off in the kitchen.  I don’t remember putting my pyjamas on and passing out on the sofa.
Judging by the pictures I had a fantastic time!

Massive amounts of love go out to my friend Ruth, who organised games for the evening and kept the drinks flowing.

My hangover was shocking but disappeared by midday.  Only to be replaced by a migraine. 


Roll on the wedding!

x N x