Month: August 2016

The Day I Made My Boy Wear A Dress


Caleb and Phoebe in dresses

There was a day quite some time back,possibly more than a year ago, in which Caleb had been quite mean to his sister.  As a punishment we told him he had to let Phoebe play dress up with him. So we let her choose a dress and put a little bit of make up on him

He loved it! Phoebe had great fun being a princess with her brother. And it hit me,this wasn’t a punishment. This was just two kids having fun. They played nicely and giggled.  Caleb didn’t care if he was in a dress. Phoebe didn’t see it as being any different to when her sisters would put on the princess dresses.
So why do some adults still see it as being wrong?  It’s just a kid having fun. If girls can dress up as Ninja Turtles,Darth Vader or other masculine characters then why can’t society accept that boys can dress as feminine characters? Who did my son hurt exactly by wearing this dress? Nobody! 

I’m not proud of myself for ever think this could be a punishment. If anything this is just normal behaviour from a young child playing dress up. Since then, I’ve never considered doing this as a punishment again.  My children have a dressing up box, with male and female outfits, that they are free to choose whichever outfit suits their mood.

It’s not the children that are in the wrong. It’s the adults who think it’s awful that a boy dresses as a girl.


In Which I Swear Lots

If you don’t like swearing mamas look away now…

I needed that. Yesterday was awful. Like truly horribly awful. I swore an unbelievable amount of times. I had laundry by the mountain load, a crying baby, a spitting toddler, an annoying 6 year old saying “Mum.muuum. mum! Mum? Muuuuuummmmmmy!”, and the Ginger Ninja whining at absolutely every little thing.
Dinner went down a treat though. And they had a gruffalo crumble for pudding.

Yesterday was not the Monday I had hoped for. Today is really pissing me off too. I’m tired and I’m fed up with Jack being sick on my carpet. The heat is great for drying the clothes on the line, not so great for the kids playing outdoors. We’ve already had one argument over the stupid twatting my little pony that I keep tripping over! The mister is at work until late. I’m the only adult in the house 😦
Did I mention I’m tired? 
Hurricane Alfie is singing Let It Go reeeeallly loudly (and off key). My washing machine has just ended its cycle so I’ll need to put that out now.


My new camera arrived today, so I thought “Yay! Time to brush up on my photography skills”. No such luck. So far I’ve managed to get shots of Matilda and her dirty face, Caleb sitting at a table moaning about lunch and a bee on our toadflax.

Days like these happen a lot. Hence why I swear a lot. I’m off to string up a certain little twatting pony…

x N x

I Spoke Too Soon!

My house is in chaos!  Ignore my last post, it’s not calm. It’s crazy!
My ex has the children over at his house every other weekend, but due to my wedding we’ve had the children at home with us for a full month. No daddy time 😕
So they went off to their dad’s house on Saturday and have returned on the Sunday… as demon hell spawn!
Fighting, shouting, arguments… I’m about ready to tear my hair out. And it’s only Monday!!

The mister is at work. I’m starting to really envy him. And to top it off , it appears Jack has a cold coming on. This is making him incredibly grouchy. That and he can’t understand why he can’t eat his book!

The calm and peaceful fog has lifted, and been replaced by a torrential shit storm!

x N x 

Tiny Humans and Our Day Off

Decided that today will be our day off from the usual boring chores. We’re going to roast a chicken ready for tomorrow’s picnic, make some homemade burgers, read some books and be a bit lazy.


Jack has become hypnotised by the Kindle! Hurricane Alfie is in a much calmer mood, Matilda is squeaking like a mouse and the Ginger Ninja has her head buried in a work book. 
All is calm in the house.

For now.

x N x

From Rags To… Well, Less Rags!

I’m clearing out my wardrobe!  And my chest of drawers. And the pile of clothes in the corner of my room.
But not my shoes 😜

I’m adulting. I’m going to give away the clothes I no longer use and try my hardest to keep our bedroom clutter free. The Mister has been told to do the same! If this is a success I will try to sort out another room in our house. So far I’ve thrown away holey socks, made a pile of things to keep and made a pile of things to give away. It hasn’t helped that my girls are seeing my dresses and keeping them for the dressing up box!

x N x


I did it! I married the Mister. It was beautiful. I cried!
I am upset that it’s all over. If I could relive yesterday all over again, I would! 

We had two beautiful poems read by a very good friend of mine. The best men did their jobs(although Ryan was late and caused me to shout a bit!). My two beautiful teenage girls gave me away. I cried a bit more!
My bestest friends came along. So I cried even more.
We ate cake.  We had lots of prosecco. We stayed up til late, under the light of the moon and stars, and spoke about other people’s weddings.
My groom looked handsome. I didn’t want to take my dress off!

I’m a wife. And I’m so in love.

x N x