Month: September 2016


We get a bad press, don’t we? Getting labelled as lucky or lazy.
“Oh lucky you for having the money to be able to stay home!”

“Get a job! Sitting on your bum all day, drinking coffee, eating biscuits and watching Jeremy Kyle…”

Well, no. Lucky yes, but certainly not rolling in money. Hubby works long hours, and we still have very little money. After the bills and essentials have been paid we aren’t exactly swimming in a pool of cash! I’ve not had a holiday in over 3 years. We don’t have enough money to run a car. I decorate the house using bits I find in pound shops, or sale items! Jack’s clothes were given to us for free. We didn’t even have a honeymoon.

Lazy?  Are you kidding?! Feeding a baby, clearing up after a toddler, cleaning the house, trips to the park (the park is not fun),shopping, laundry, gardening, home education,looking into an online education course…

SAHMs shouldn’t be told what they do is nothing.  They’re looking after the family just as much as any other person, working or not. I’d love to put the hoover down and eat biscuits, whilst staring at Chris Hemsworth parading around on my TV! I’d love to click on the “buy” button without having to check my bank account first, weighing up how much money I’ll need for all the bills this coming month. And I’d certainly welcome a holiday!
SAHMs you’re brilliant! You’re raising your little people and sacrificing the things you’d love to have/do. Go you!

Mum hair don't care!

P.s ~ I’d like to point out that I do not watch Jeremy Kyle. I do occasionally stare at Chris Hemsworth though.

x N x


Nobody Likes A Grumpy Baby!

It’s Thursday, 23.57. I’m in bed. But before I got into bed I fed Jack. Then I fed him again. Then I cleaned up my bed where he had been sick over it. Then I had to change my pyjamas as they too had baby sick over them. Amazingly he was the only thing that was still clean!
Dirty sheets to one side, empty bottles on the bedside drawers, one baby in his bed and me in mine.

There’s something really lovely about getting into a bed with fresh sheets on it. Even when next to you is a fidgety grumpy baby!

Go to sleep, Jack. Pleeease go to sleep!

x N x

When Things Turn Sour

Sometimes life will throw things at us parents that we didn’t want. We’ll experience different levels of emotional pain. To be caught in a situation involving our children will test our strength.

Just lately I have been battling with something and someone.  My children are healthy, and that’s the main thing, but are they happy? I couldn’t really tell you right now.
I know I’m not happy. I’m here but I’m not. I exist every day but I’m not really here with everyone else. This must be what swimming deep underwater feels like. You can’t breathe and you’re just hoping you will make it back to the top before you end up lost, forever.

Parenting is not easy. I’ve had to give up much more than a few friends, nights out, regular sleep… 

I wonder when (if) this battle will end. I wonder why it was presented to me in the first place. I wonder how I’ll make it through.

x N x

Headlice! !

I hate them! I used to work in a school and nursery, so had to deal with it myself a few times. Niamh and Matilda have them 😦
Awful things to get rid of! We’ve tried every type of spray oil and lotion. We’ve tried several different combs, shampoo and conditioner. We still cannot remove them.
My latest attempt has involved detangling spray (few drops of tea tree oil, small amount of hair conditioner and water in a spray bottle) and a nitty gritty comb.

I never want to see another nit or louse again!

x N x

Owning Small Humans

It’s quite hard work. Nobody gives you an instruction manual with these things, so you kind of have to guess.
Is it normal that my nearly 2 year old put her hand down her pull up pants, then wipes poo over her chest? Is it normal that said nearly 2 year old is currently having an argument with a toy doll, and throwing it against a table?
When will my 6 year old start to hear what I’m saying? And will he ever stop asking if he can play on the Kindle? (I must have said “no” 50 times just today)
How on earth can my 7 year old eat a whole pizza but sticks her nose up at a small roast dinner?

I don’t have the time to list hurricane Alfie’s little quirks…

Tiny humans are much like puppies. Cute at times, but ultimately they’ll poo on your carpet and destroy your house.

x N x


We have another birthday party today! Sausage rolls are in the oven, cupcakes are ready, gift bags are filled, I’m about to prepare some sandwiches…

The theme is pirates and princesses. Except it was impossible to find lots of pirate themed bits. So it’s now mostly princesses and a few pirates 😛

x N x 


Today I found out that a young woman just opposite our house passed away last night. She was 34. Her baby just 3 months old. It made me think of my own life, my children and my husband. I’m also 34. I can’t imagine leaving my children too soon. I can’t imagine how my husband would cope, or how he would feel.
I didn’t know this woman, or her family, yet it feels wrong to just ignore that a family has been devastated by such a loss.

And life goes on. I’m drinking coffee and can see the rubbish truck drive past. I can hear my own baby gently snoring as he snoozes. I see people walk past my window, completely unaware of how fragile life really is.

R.I.P unknown lady.

x N x