Month: October 2016

It’s Friday!

Which probably means a great deal to someone without children!
I,however, have spent my Friday morning browsing Google for Hey Duggee badges, listening to the Furchester Hotel gang sing, putting the laundry on, clearing up breakfast mess and trying to figure out how to make our fridge Matilda proof!

Friday used to mean something, a loooong time ago 😉

x N x


Mental Health Matters Too

If you feel a bit down and stressed, anxious or tired of getting things done every day then remember you are not alone. Mental health is just as important as seeing to a hurt ankle. You wouldn’t keep hobbling along after hurting that ankle, keep telling yourself “oh it’s nothing” when really it’s quite painful.  You’d get it checked over. You’d make it better so you can walk easily again, without pain. So get any mental health issues seen to as well ☺
People quite often leave it until it’s so bad they feel they cannot do anything. You’re worth more than that. Everyone experiences moments of sadness, make sure yours isn’t more than just feeling a bit upset.

My anxiety has been with me a long time. Some days it gets the better of me, and on other days I kick its arse into shape! There’s no reason why I should let it control or ruin my life.

You’re not on your own. There’s many ways of getting support.

The above link is for a Facebook group. If you ever need to chat then this group is fantastic! All members suffer with some form of mental health issues, and the group creator has written several books about her own experiences.

x N x

My Last Baby

Jack is my last baby. I’ll be having no more. I’m 34 and it’s hard work being mum to a baby in your 30s.
I was cuddling him a few nights ago and it got me thinking about how quickly he’s grown, how much more growing is yet to come and how this is my last time to be having baby cuddles. No more nappies once he’s reached the potty training stage. No more night feeds. No more pram once he can walk by himself.
Part of me is sad about this. Mostly I’m pleased I’ll never be doing this again! He’s starting to crawl now and that’s a big milestone. Knowing my baby is fast becoming a big boy is saddening though…

No more babies. No more tiny clothes to pin on the washing line. No little baby snuffling noises. Not being able to smell the head of a newborn.

x N x