Month: November 2016


Matilda isn’t even two years old yet, and already the tantrums have become unbearable.

Today, for example, she woke up earlier than usual. So this called for a pre-lunch nap. Excellent! This gave me time to see to myself (that didn’t happen). Nap time over, she wanders about the house babbling about the Teletubbies when, all of a sudden, her tantrum appeared. From out of bloody nowhere! Screaming, stomping, kicking…

The ‘terrible twos’ are quite possibly my least favourite stage. I love the newborn squishy stage. I love when they can do things for themselves without the need for “muuuuummm,I can’t wipe my buuuummm! “. I even love the teenage years when you can hand them a tenner and tell them to sod off into town for a bit.
But this? This is toddler tantrum hell!

I’m drinking coffee to ease the pain, as drinking wine at just after 2pm is frowned upon.

x N x


Christmas Wrapping

I hate it!

I’m not one of these women that lovingly wraps each present in delicate paper, handmade by herself, taped up with fancy washi tape and presented with a glorious bow. I’m the complete opposite.
Pound shop paper and tape. No gift tag, just a scribble on the paper with a Bic pen that barely works.

I’m drinking coffee and listening to my Spotify music. I should be sat in my pyjamas drinking wine! It’s Saturday for goodness sake!

Hubby is on childcare duty though, so at least it’s quiet. For now.

x N x

Mum Life

It is just coming up to 14.30. I’ve done the laundry, fed the baby, cleared away lunch plates, washed dishes, sorted through the grocery shopping, managed to get washed and dressed yet I’ve still not had my cup of coffee!
How on earth am I going to survive the rest of the day without the magic beans that keep me going!? 
I’ve also only eaten a packet of crisps (salt and vinegar) so far.

#MumLife 😛

Christmas? It’s Too Soon!

I’ve already finished my Christmas shopping. Hurrah!  I wanted to be super organised this year, so I bought the presents early.  I have wrapping paper too! Which also means I now have bags and boxes of presents, paper and decorations taking over my life…

I didn’t think this one through. I wanted to be so organised with the gifts that I completely forgot that I actually have to wrap everything and hide it all.