Month: December 2016

I’ve Abandoned You…

I’m sorry!  I keep meaning to post about my mundane life, but then all the mundane little tasks take over.

Had a falling out with the Mister. He left. It got a bit worrying.  We talked. He came home. Christmas is a stressful time. It can be lonely when one of you is working lots, getting to do the social thing, while the other is looking after the children and seeing to Christmas and family life. December has always been a bit of a crap month for me anyway. My anxiety tends to peak when I have too much to do and no help in doing it. Hopefully this will all change.

Anyway, it’s Christmas eve! I have meat cooking in the slow cooker, a cake to bake and presents to put under our tree. The mister is being very brave and has ventured off to Asda for snacks. I’m drinking coffee and making mental notes of what food I need to cook this evening.
The Christmas tree has not yet been attacked by the baby, or toddler… success!


Merry Christmas everyone!  Enjoy your evening, and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Eat too much, drink plenty of Christmas spirits and relax. Make the most of your beautiful unconventional families! Take pride in being the weird ones who think mince pies are delicious 😛
Argue over Monopoly and then laugh because you just argued over paper money and plastic houses! Wrap those pigs up in blankets. Take selfies! Or Elfies!
Above all just love each other ❤

x N x



We have one of those stupid Elf things that sits on a shelf. Ours is from Poundland because I’m a cheapskate!  Also, he sits on my coat hooks because my shelf is full.

Every night I have to place the smiley little bastard into position. I’ve Googled ideas and still can’t think of anything!  Mostly it involves food. I’m not very smart, ok!

He’s also lost a hand due to him being from a crappy pound shop. Kids don’t seem to have noticed…


This is Ralph.
Ralph likes cheese, sneaking cookies out of the cupboard and drinking Baileys.

x N x

Advent Calendar

The husband bought me an advent calendar. I complained that the kids had one but I didn’t.  I got up this morning to find an Avengers calendar waiting for me.
I’m sat on the sofa, alone (hubby is working), wondering if he’d notice if I ate all of the little chocolates now.

I’m 34.

This is my life now.

x N x

Hello, December!

So it’s here. The whole month will consist of listening to my over excited kids telling me about Santa, presents, reindeer, presents, snow and more presents!
It’s also Jack’s first Christmas which means watching his little face stare in wonderment at the lights, the tree and the decorations. We went to a village Christmas market and saw donkeys.  I must admit that I was more excited than the kids!

It’s definitely my favourite holiday of them all 🙂

x N x