Month: January 2017

Oh No! Teeth!

So, little mister has now got two teeth. Two little, razor-sharp, teeth.
Let the biting commence! If it’s within his reach you can guarantee it’ll get bitten!

x N x



Dicks! All of them!!

Okay, so not all of them. Just mine. He likes to complain about me complaining when I’m not actually complaining.
I was in the kitchen and said “that’s disgusting” at some slimy  leftover Chinese take away, and the lingering smell of the sauce. I apparently muttered “dickhead” under my breath to him when I opened the orange juice carton lid (I actually said “bugger, it’s open”.)
He’s unwell at the moment but came downstairs to tidy up bits. Nobody asked him to. Nobody complained at any mess, yet he made out I was complaining. (I was upstairs making the bed!)

Why?  Just why…

His favourite pastime seems to be making out I’ve said something that I quite literally haven’t!

Are some men just naturally moany?!

x N x

Bonjour 2017!

Happy new year! 

We’re learning French this year. I suspect it won’t go very well. The 8 year old is joining me on this venture. Also going to try our hand at sewing and cross stitch!

x N x