Marriage Sucks

I debated whether I should write this,let alone post it! I need to show what life is really like,though. It isn’t all happy smiles,walks in forests with puppy dogs and holding hands.It isn’t well behaved,happy kids. It’s shit! It is screaming at each other for a full 5 minutes because for those 5 minutes you genuinely hate each other. It is kids complaining,bitching,whining. It is knowing that the person you married is a selfish pig.

My marriage is horrible.I do hate it. Since I woke up up the day after I married him I have been waiting for the fun stuff,the crazy love,the amazing feeling inside that I made the best decision ever. I’m still waiting. I don’t enjoy being married. It is more like a curse. I have lost count how many times I have suggested separation,and divorce. We have spent many nights apart due to arguments.In the 6 months I have been married I honestly cannot say I have loved a moment of it. If I could turn the clock back I’d say ”I don’t”. Some marriages are fantastic,some are OK,some are built on lies. Mine is just pure awful.

What I do know is that all marriages are hard work. I stupidly went into this thinking it shouldn’t be difficult to keep a marriage going when you love each other,but that’s just utter rubbish. It is hard work. When you spend more time wishing you hadn’t married someone then maybe it is time to quit. Nobody wants to quit,though. Nobody likes to be the failure. Not every day is terrible(when he isn’t home I feel good),but when it is always there at the back of your mind,feeling as though you just want out,then you do have to wonder if it is worth carrying on.

So,now what? I have poured my heart out on my blog about how I really feel. What do I do next? Probably the same as I always do…

Ignore it and hope it’ll just magically get better.

x N x


7 thoughts on “Marriage Sucks

  1. Gosh what a horrible situation to be in, it’s really sad to read how unhappy you are and I would definately not ignore it and hope it goes away, something has to change, I wonder how he feels about your marriage? Maybe you should book some professional intervention? Xx

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  2. If for a second anyone thinks that a marriage doesnt require communication, then you are sorely mistaken, if you don’t communicate, things break down and as a result the marriage suffers. Maybe consider communicating and if it is a lost cause then communicate with each other the possibility of separation. If you can’t fix it, you can’t ignore it and hope it gets better, how can it when there’s nothing but yelling and screaming, time to close that book. You deserve better.

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    1. Thanks hunni. Communication is key, I’m so with you on that. It’s like talking to a brick wall some days. Then there’s the days you want to talk but it just seems so hard to get the words out. First year blues maybe? I’ve no idea. But I was sold this idea of marriage being fantastic when what I’ve got is very different. More fool me for buying into that fairy story nonsense, eh!


  3. No relationship is all unicorns and rainbows, but reading your words really hurt and if it hurt me just reading what you wrote I cannot imagine how you feel. I’m single because I decided to end my marriage, I worked at it as long as I possibly could – for love! But it was all one sided (on my side) and eventually I had to see it for what it was. Marriage can be shit, it is often not what we are sold in the brochure, and in most cases those pictures in the brochure are staged anyway, It always looks better from the outside in. I hope you come to a resolution so you can find some peace as I knwo how mentally straining it can be x


  4. I feel your heartache, I have no suggestions or methods but just wanted you to know I am here if you need me whether it’s to cry on, bit*h and moan or anything else that doesn’t cover those two lol.
    I get told it gets easier not sure if it’s true or not. I wake up plenty times hating where I am in life, hating that I’m not happy or no why. Think this probably is the life it’s not like any of those fairy tales or Mr Grey examples.
    I think it’s our depression that makes our life more horrible not always the people in it if that makes sense.
    Have you two tried counselling together as it might help. At least it’s an hour where only you two are together and can get things out in the air without it sounding ferocious (if you know what I mean)?

    I am glad we are friends again and I hope you know I really mean it that I’m here for you x

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    1. Thank you hun. I’m so glad we met up again too. It was fate me moving here! There’s so much going on and it’s all just so crap. Talking never seems to make a difference anymore. Counselling was suggested today.x


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