Month: March 2017

That’s It…

He’s 1 year old!

Can’t believe he turned 1 last week. The past year has just whizzed by us! And what a beautiful little soul he’s turning into. My heart melts watching him discover new things. Like hitting the cabinet door so it sounds like it’s about to break, or being able to open the grill door on our oven…

Yay for 1 year olds!

X N x



The hubby was away with work last week so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to start doing some fitness videos.

Oh how I ache!

Keeping fit is really bloody hard work. It makes you sweaty, stink, feel like a heart attack is imminent, and the cravings for donuts is still strong!

FML. Where’s the wine?

x N x


Hubby is working away this week. This gives me the chance to sort out several things around the house ☺
So far I’ve put up some picture frames, got a new LED light for the front room, tidied our garden some more, and chosen carpet for our girl’s bedroom. And it’s only Tuesday!
Unfortunately Miss Mouse has decided that now is the perfect time to do non-stop poos 😕 The house smells awful! I’ve never wanted to live on a farm, yet now it smells like we do!

x N x

He’s Growing Up

My baby is growing up. It scares me to watch him grow so quickly. He’s my last baby and I am already missing his tiny newborn stage. I miss his little snuffles as he feeds, the way he’d fit perfectly in my arms as though he was designed exactly to fit only me. I miss the way he’d smell.
He’s growing up so fast. Not long now until his first birthday.

Love you, Mr.Poo.

x N x

Dick Pics

No, I do not want to see a picture of your penis. Thank you.

Why? Just why…
I’ve had a guy send me a pic of his dick on Instagram. My initial reaction was “Ewwwww!”. Then I started to wonder what I’d said, or done, for him to do that. I didn’t know the guy. I’d never chatted to him before. It was just a picture out of the blue.
Then I had to tell myself that I’d done nothing to instigate it. He just assumed it was ok to send me that. When has it ever been ok to send that type of thing to somebody you do not know!? A person who had never asked for such a photo. I’m not the problem. My pics on Instagram are a little cheeky, because why the fuck not! That doesn’t give a man the right to send me a picture of his dick! Just like the way I dress doesn’t give anyone the right to touch me without my consent.

If you’re a guy reading this, and you’ve ever sent such a photo without being asked to, imagine you have a daughter who has this happen to her. Imagine how you’d feel knowing your daughter was made to feel disgusted by a man. A man like you. Imagine your wife/girlfriend has unsolicited pictures sent to her…

Don’t do it. Not only is the penis ugly, we just don’t care for that kinda shit!

x N x


Why is it that I have all the time in the world to sit on my bum, eating cake? Yet when it comes to housework I’ve got absolutely no time for it!


x N x