Month: April 2017

Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

So, you know when your baby throws beans in your hair and you have to spend the evening smelling like a tin of Heinz until you can get in the bath…

Yeah that.


x N x


I’m A Rubbish Blogger!

I’ve not been posting anything *insert sad face here* I’m a terrible blogger. In truth I’ve just had no motivation. There’s been plenty of things I could write about but being mum just kinda took over.
I had a bit of a pissed up night on Saturday with a friend. She popped over with a large bottle of wine, the 80s music came out and that was it… drunk women chatting about wedding plans! (Hers not mine. I’m not getting married again. Yet.)
“I’ll just have the two” says I. Hubby comes home to find us singing to Kate Bush!

I’ll blog more. I started up an Instagram today about my crap parenting techniques. Gingermousepoo_82_ if you’re interested. Nothing much on there yet, though. I seem more motivated to take pics of my terrible children and their tantrums than writing about them.
Must try harder.

X N x