Month: May 2017

Arrrrgh My Skin!


So I decided to buy this peel-off black mask. Why? Because seeing other women post videos of it on Facebook had me curious.

Now my skin feels like it’s on fire and I want to know if it’ll ever stop.

Just don’t.  If you value having skin on your face I’d highly recommend you don’t use this.
This particular one came from the Wish shopping app. It’s every bit as painful as the videos suggest. Peeling it from my face was like removing the top layer of my skin. I gave up part way through and decided to rub it off using hot water and a face cloth. That took a few minutes. Now is the worst part.
My skin is sore and I look like I may have to visit a doctor tomorrow morning.

Verdict: DON’T DO IT!!

x N x


Making Friends As A Parent

So hands up who has tried making friends as an adult/parent…

I see you!

I also feel your pain. It’s never easy to make friends when you’re an adult. The friends we had as children can remain in our lives for long into adulthood, but when the children come along it can be so hard to stay in contact.  That’s where toddler and playgroups come into it.
Do you even like going to those play groups? I know I don’t!  They can be so… cliquey.

So how do we make friends as we grow older? I made a few new friends through being neighbours with them, and through local Facebook groups. But let’s admit it, most of us have friends purely through the Internet. Social media has been a big help in making friends, even if mostly we don’t ever get to meet these friends.

Is this still social interaction? Is it even good for us to interact purely through an Internet group?

A lot of my friends are only easy to talk to via messaging apps or Facebook(family life is busy!). Face-to-face conversations seem to be almost non-existent.

Sad to say but a lot of my time is spent raising a family and having to give up having a social life.

x N x 

Dear Kirsty Allsopp

I’m a mummy. It’s hard work. Some days I feel a success, most days I feel I’ve failed. Kids are loud and don’t yet understand empathy. Kids are full of energy and need to burn that off.
I’m also mummy to an angel baby. I miscarried many years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. She was going to be so loved. I picked her name, too.
Please don’t suggest that I am not grateful for the children I have now. Please don’t tell women like me that we should think of those who have lost babies. Because I have! Lots of us have. That doesn’t mean we don’t love our children, or we’re ungrateful bitches. Nobody is harder on me as a parent than myself. Nobody punishes me more than I do.

I may have lost a baby but that doesn’t make parenthood any easier with the children I have. They are ratty at times and it really does get to me. When my 2 year old screams for something and nothing all I can think of is her bedtime. Assuming she’ll sleep easily…
When my older kids have decided to put marker pen over the sofa, accidentally dropped juice over the new carpet, purposefully hit their sibling… do not dare to tell me I should not get upset, or stressed! Do not dare to say “but there are women out there who cannot have children. Think about them.”

Think about yourself, Kirsty! Think about your lifestyle and how you must obviously have people to look after your children for you. Think about all of the times you’ve sat down with a large alcoholic drink after a hard day at work. Think about keeping your damn mouth shut!

I used to respect you. I used to enjoy seeing you on television.  I always saw you as down to earth and someone mums could look up to. Not any more! Now I see a mother who can’t respect other mums.

X N x


Just don’t, ok.

Most of us have heard about that Daily Fail article.  A lot will have read it. I refuse to give that rag my time by reading it. No, I won’t link to it.

Labels are stupid. Stop giving people labels. Stop putting them into categories.  I’m fucking sick of people thinking that it’s acceptable to slate another parent for the way they do things.
Grow up!

x N x 

It’s Sunny!

After a few weeks of utterly dull weather, the sun has made an appearance! I’m sat in the glorious sunshine, and what’s the eldest child doing?

Sat on the slide, watching Teen Titans Go on her tablet!

X N x

Germs, Be Gone!

Hubby went away with work for a week, and conveniently passed his germs on to me just as he left. A week on and I’m still coughing like I smoke 60 a day. Cheers husband!
Looking after children while being under the weather is hard. Single mumming it was hard. I was tired, achey, tired, grouchy, tired… I badly wanted to be in bed by 7pm every night, with a cup of hot chocolate and catching up with my Netflix list.
Germs are kinda leaving now. Hurrah! Husband has been back from work since Friday and has been looking after me in his own way. He ordered takeaway Chinese, watched American Gods with me and let me sleep in most mornings.

The kids have been horrid! Screaming tantrums and general grumpiness. Yay for mum life!

x N x