Month: June 2017

Monday, You Bastard

Most people hate Mondays. We all go a little bit Garfield when Monday rears it’s ugly head. Today has been an exceptionally horrible Monday. The baby, who isn’t really much of a baby any more, has been into everything. Every. Damn. Thing.
The garden is slowly being destroyed, my lounge is a big mess of toys and books, his food is over the floor…

I hate Mondays too. I especially hate today’s Monday. I just want to get on with things. I want to drink a coffee in peace. I’d love to sit in my (partially destroyed) garden. I’d like to cook dinner without a child running in to see if there is a biscuit for them.
Husband is sleeping ready for a night shift. I’m losing my shit.


x N x 


Moving House ?

There’s a big possibility that we will be moving to a new area. I’m excited and nervous! I’ve wanted for so long to live in a little village setting, and now may be our chance. It’s a house swap (as we are renting from social housing) and the other couple really want our house.
Husband has his doubts, so we are viewing their house in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see it! It’s a big step closer to where we’ve spoken about living.

Keeping my fingers crossed this will happen 😊
My biggest anxieties is the actual move itself. I’ve moved house a few times since I was 18,and it gets harder and more stressful with time (and more kids!). I just don’t want to end up saying no because of the stress of it all, then end up regretting not going for it. Getting married was a walk in the park compared to moving house!

x N x