Sleep Deprivation

When does that stop? At what point do we start getting a good night’s sleep?

The baby had me up in the night. It wasn’t until just after 3am that I finally got to go to sleep. This morning he has a raised temperature, so that’d explain his restlessness throughout the night. Calpol to the rescue!

I’m as grumpy af today! All I can think of is slipping under the duvet and getting some wonderful sleep. Husband is in bed (bastard) as he was on a night shift. I’m jealous!  I’m tempted to start banging about in the kitchen just to wake him up 😛

I can’t remember the last time I slept for a solid 8 hours. I wonder if I’ll ever sleep a solid 8 hours again…

Coffee! It’s time for more coffee!

x N x


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