Wedding Anniversary

Today is my first wedding anniversary. I’d like to say it was a lovely day of reminiscing over our wedding album, of lovey dovey sentiments.

It was shit.

Husband forgot to buy a card. We went to the little town we got married at, but didn’t actually go to the building we held our ceremony at as that would have been too nice to do. Instead he dragged me around the high Street looking for a shop so he could buy some food for a picnic. He hadn’t packed anything to take with us.
Bear in mind that the place we married is beautiful. I love visiting it, but I’m not that fussed by the surrounding town and its over-priced and not-child-friendly restaurants.

I may sound like a bit of a brat here, and to be honest I don’t bloody care! I made sure he had a card to open, I bought a 1 shaped balloon, and I sprinkled love heart sweets over our bed. I’ve had a shit day in all and was expecting at least a little bit of love and romance.

Too much to ask.

x N x


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