Questions My Children Ask

‘Where do babies come from? Are they born deaf?’
‘Can pandas eat pizza?’
‘Can I have your phone?’
‘What’s that? It looks like poo. Should I touch it?’
‘Why do my boots smell like wee?’
‘Did the dinosaurs die? Like really die?’
‘Jack just picked your flowers. Was I a bad baby too?’
‘Do people eat ice-cream for dinner?’
‘Mum,why don’t boys have boobies?’
‘Can we get a cat? Other people have cats. Why don’t we have a cat? Are we poor? ‘
‘When are we moving to a castle?’
‘Can we go to the park?’
‘Mum? Mum!? Muuuummmm?? Can we go to the park now?’
‘Do fish blink? Why not? Fish are stupid’
‘Mum,why are you a vegetarian? Do you think meat is bad?’
‘I don’t want pasta for dinner. Can I have a sandwich?’
‘How many babies can a lady have?’
‘Why haven’t you got a smaller tummy?’
‘What’s this on my plate? It’s green. I don’t like green stuff. Can I have a biscuit?’
‘Why don’t we have ice-cream from the ice-cream van? ‘
‘Where do Chinese people live?’
‘Are unicorns actually real?’
‘Why don’t you like that lady over there?’
‘Mum,has dad got other wives?’
‘Now can I have a biscuit?’

It. Never. Ends.

x N x


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