You Can Tell It’s Monday

I’ve had a horrible day. I’m not usually one to drink much but tonight may be a whole different story!
Why must toddlers whine and cry so much!? All I’ve heard is the on/off crying from Matilda. ALL DAY! She’s started to cry non-stop when someone says no to her having something. For the past 30 minutes she has cried. All because I said she’s not allowed another cup of juice. That’s it. That’s her reason for screaming constantly. I won’t let her have another drink.
Wy do they do it? Why do they insist on screeching like little banshees? The husband has escaped to have a bath, leaving me to deal with the 2 year old from hell. She’s sat in the kitchen screaming to herself. My preferred method is to ignore this behaviour, trying to show her that screams will not get her anything. Willing to bet the hubby gives in to her demands eventually, causing her to spend tomorrow screaming over me telling her no to something.

Definitely a bottle of wine type of evening.

x N x


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