As a parent it’s tough to get some alone time to do something I enjoy. I used to be a big fitness fanatic. I’d fit exercise into my day and still have time for everything else, but just recently it has become near on impossible. At home fitness videos seem impossible as by the time the kids go to bed I’m absolutely pooped! We go for walks around local woodland whenever possible, and I still get to use my exercise bike briefly before bed.
I feel like I’m completely losing who I was. I know I’m still in here somewhere but between loads of laundry, meal planning and raising a mini army I’m just losing myself. I feel the weight creeping back on, which isn’t to say it’s bad to have a few extra lbs but I just don’t want to feel unhealthy and too tired to do things with my family.

Also, my laptop is broken and my phone is dying a death.

x N x


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