I’m A Little Bit Tired

6am wake up call. 8.58am birth announcement.

Baby is here! He’s perfect. He’s amazing. He’s made me feel that my heart has expanded to the perfect amount.
The Mister played midwife today. Home birth was the right option for us.

I’m off to sleep. By sleep I mean stare at my beautiful new son!

x N x


40 +6

Just putting it out there…


Women Unite!

Ok,so it has been said before. It’s been blogged about plenty of times. It’s something lots of women write about on social media.

Mums against mums. Women against women. Why do it? Why not just live and let live? I honestly do not understand why women feel the need to tell other women how they are in the wrong. Surely it’s just a case if each to their own. Right?
My parenting style will no doubt vary to someone reading this. It’s impossible to be the same as every other mum! I allow the odd takeaway when I’m too tired cook. Some days I just think “fuck it,the laundry basket can wait!”. My house isn’t as clean as some people’s.  My children do play outside without socks and shoes a lot of the time.
I swear. I get angry.
Does this make me any less of a person?
And why is it usually women who do this? Men seem so much more laid back than us girls. They don’t appear to try and outdo each other in the parenting stakes. They don’t criticise each other for swearing,getting a bit fed up,for the clothes they wear…
Isn’t it about time women started looking at each other and seeing that we are in the same boat?

Today I was criticised for something I said about breastfeeding (I don’t care how you choose to feed your baby. That’s your business not mine. Just don’t shove your opinion down my throat and try to make me feel bad for my choices) by other women. Apparently we aren’t allowed to get along at the same time as having differing opinions!  I just don’t understand why. We should understand each other. Telling another woman to not wear something because YOU think it’s trashy is pointless.  She likes it,let her feel good and Wear it! Don’t tut at the mum who’s toddler is having a tantrum, especially if you have been there yourself!
Stand tall with your fellow women :mrgreen:

X N x

Wedding Planning

Trying to plan a wedding around children is hard! Constant distractions from various small people.
“Mum,I need a drink!”
“Mum,she took my toy!”
“Daaaad, where’s mum??”

Thankfully it’s mostly just paying off the various suppliers and booking the caterers. All wedding decor has been purchased,delivered and stored away. The dress has been decided on. The shoes are amazing! Wedding rings? Check!
Invitations have yet to be sent out thanks to lots of other distractions. The stress from that has been indescribable! The cake needs to be booked last minute due to what we are having. The children all have outfits figured out. And as much as I know my 4 year old wants to be dressed as Elsa I’ve had to say no to that one 😂 Also had to say no to a ninja turtle and Spider-man… 

Marriage before children certainly does look easier. I’m looking forward to sharing our day with our small monsters though. My lack of family has made this the perfect opportunity for my teen girls to give me away. I think that’s the part which will make me cry the most.

Crap! I forgot about the flower baskets! … 

x N x

But Mums Are Supposed To Be Serious

Who makes up these stupid mummy rules? The ones that say we must act prim and proper.  The rules that say we have to be serious. In other words,boring!
Stop telling mummy’s to be so dull! We weren’t always a mum. We used to be young and carefree.  We used to laugh at dick jokes in the pub with our equally silly friends.
At what point did it become a bit wrong to be fun?
I like the odd drink(when not pregnant!) and I like to watch silly comedies. I laugh at silly jokes. I still pull stupid faces at the Mister behind his back when he says something I don’t agree with.
I was browsing a website for craft supplies last night and saw this picture of foam bunny shapes


My inner child saw two rampant bunnies! I sniggered. 

Let mums be fun again. We know when to be serious. We know not to say and do certain things in front of children.  But we aren’t bloody robots who are programmed to get up,clean, cook,watch the kids and then switch off! 

And to all you mums out there who are too serious ~ look at the foam bunny pic again and tell me they are not having more fun than you 😉

x N x

Don’t Feed Me Past Midnight!

It’s gone midnight here. It is now March 15th. Due date! We made it to 40 weeks without too many tantrums. Although this past week has been nothing less than hormone hell. The Mister is probably contemplating moving into the children’s playhouse. I feel I deserve a medal for doing this for 40 weeks but right now I’d settle for a good sleep and then birth.

Come on,baby! Time is up!


How Many?!

When I tell people how many children we have the response varies. Mostly it’s a look of shock. Large families are not unusual though. I can understand why some couples stick to just one or two children but we are not those couples. 
We are a step family. The children are all my biological little monsters. I had a previous relationship that resulted in a split. We used to be a family but it just wasn’t meant to be. I met the Mister before I met my ex funnily enough. A night out in the pub with a friend and he caught my eye. I won’t say love at first sight but it was definitely lust!

So,I went on to get my man many years later and have more children. It wasn’t something I’d ever planned. At first I told him my baby days are over! I should have known… 

“Don’t you have a television?!” (Yes, but The Walking Dead is only on for about an hour. Then I get bored)
“How many?!” (7 until the new one arrives. Count them.)
“Are they all yours?!” (I think so. I don’t remember stealing any children)
“You must really love sex!” (I find that one horrid)
“Any twins?” (No,all singles)
“Have you thought about getting sterilised/a vasectomy??” (Yes. Mister is going for the snip after #8 is safely in our arms)

People can also say lovely things. I recently had a lady tell me how wonderful it was for her growing up in a big family. She never felt lonely and had lots of memories of her siblings as children.
In all honesty I’m not sure what I’d do if I had just the one or two children. I need to keep busy. As much as I love my time alone and being able to relax I also cannot sit still for long. My little army of monsters keep me busy. They are an entertaining bunch!

x N x