Wedding Anniversary

Today is my first wedding anniversary. I’d like to say it was a lovely day of reminiscing over our wedding album, of lovey dovey sentiments.

It was shit.

Husband forgot to buy a card. We went to the little town we got married at, but didn’t actually go to the building we held our ceremony at as that would have been too nice to do. Instead he dragged me around the high Street looking for a shop so he could buy some food for a picnic. He hadn’t packed anything to take with us.
Bear in mind that the place we married is beautiful. I love visiting it, but I’m not that fussed by the surrounding town and its over-priced and not-child-friendly restaurants.

I may sound like a bit of a brat here, and to be honest I don’t bloody care! I made sure he had a card to open, I bought a 1 shaped balloon, and I sprinkled love heart sweets over our bed. I’ve had a shit day in all and was expecting at least a little bit of love and romance.

Too much to ask.

x N x


House Stuff

We have a fairly good sized house. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, big garden…
But so little furniture! I have toddlers, you see. And toddlers like to climb on things. Toddlers like to draw on things. Toddlers like to think they are Tracey Emin and recreate her artwork in my lounge!  Yesterday I ordered myself a new side table and some bits to decorate our bathroom. I’m actually excited at the thought of getting furniture and decorating the house! I’ve lived here for 4 years and it’s all finally starting to feel like a home. I just need to hide the crayons!

x N x

Sleep Deprivation

When does that stop? At what point do we start getting a good night’s sleep?

The baby had me up in the night. It wasn’t until just after 3am that I finally got to go to sleep. This morning he has a raised temperature, so that’d explain his restlessness throughout the night. Calpol to the rescue!

I’m as grumpy af today! All I can think of is slipping under the duvet and getting some wonderful sleep. Husband is in bed (bastard) as he was on a night shift. I’m jealous!  I’m tempted to start banging about in the kitchen just to wake him up 😛

I can’t remember the last time I slept for a solid 8 hours. I wonder if I’ll ever sleep a solid 8 hours again…

Coffee! It’s time for more coffee!

x N x

Holiday! Celebrate!

If we took a holiday…

Back from a week away. It was so good to get away for a bit. We went to Butlins in Somerset, our second time there. Kids loved it!
Now we’re back home and I feel a little sad that it’s all back to reality. We’ve even looked into moving to Somerset as I just adore the place! I’ve been going there since I was little and can’t imagine not being there.

Keeping my fingers crossed we’ll find a house there. Our planned house move fell through and we were really disappointed. Maybe it was a sign that it wasn’t good enough for us.

x N x


I haven’t thought to write here lately. Having been kept busy with sorting out the house, being a mum and just generally busy with life I’ve neglected writing things down.

Today is my birthday. No fuss or celebrations. Just any other Sunday. I dislike birthdays. They’re really not my thing! I started hating them in my late teens. I felt there was nothing to really celebrate. So today I’ll do the housework, and pack a bag as we are going away for a few nights to Butlins. The kids deserve a treat.

Happy Sunday people!

x N x

Monday, You Bastard

Most people hate Mondays. We all go a little bit Garfield when Monday rears it’s ugly head. Today has been an exceptionally horrible Monday. The baby, who isn’t really much of a baby any more, has been into everything. Every. Damn. Thing.
The garden is slowly being destroyed, my lounge is a big mess of toys and books, his food is over the floor…

I hate Mondays too. I especially hate today’s Monday. I just want to get on with things. I want to drink a coffee in peace. I’d love to sit in my (partially destroyed) garden. I’d like to cook dinner without a child running in to see if there is a biscuit for them.
Husband is sleeping ready for a night shift. I’m losing my shit.


x N x 

Moving House ?

There’s a big possibility that we will be moving to a new area. I’m excited and nervous! I’ve wanted for so long to live in a little village setting, and now may be our chance. It’s a house swap (as we are renting from social housing) and the other couple really want our house.
Husband has his doubts, so we are viewing their house in a few weeks. I can’t wait to see it! It’s a big step closer to where we’ve spoken about living.

Keeping my fingers crossed this will happen 😊
My biggest anxieties is the actual move itself. I’ve moved house a few times since I was 18,and it gets harder and more stressful with time (and more kids!). I just don’t want to end up saying no because of the stress of it all, then end up regretting not going for it. Getting married was a walk in the park compared to moving house!

x N x